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Rise Of A New Era

A long time ago, when the early adapter discovered that dental price in Bali is just a fraction of the price compared to their dentist at home, more and more people from abroad realize that they can profit by having a dental job in Bali. The first to realize the increasing demand to build the first dental clinic to meet the rising demand for high-quality dental work. And the birth of Bali dental tourism will redefine tourism in Bali forever.


Bali Dental Price

If you are planning to have dental work in Bali and seeking more affordable options than at home, iDentist Bali may fit the bill. Why not take the edge off major dental care on this beautiful island? Go home with the brand new celebrity smile. If you are just on holiday and want to take the benefit of the low prices for your annual check-up or a dental filling, it will cost you less here than at home.

Bali dentists are very qualified, capable to do a wide range of treatments such as general teeth cleaning, dental fillings, root canal treatment, dentures, including the state of the art dental technologies, and cosmetic dentistry.


How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost At Home?

Do you know the best country to have dental implants? I can't think anywhere than in Bali. Do you know how much you can profit by having your dental treatment at iDentist Bali? Make up your mind, you can save thousands and getting holiday thrown in may worth the risk. It is very important to take care of your teeth, but it's so expensive and as you can see people don't go to the dentist regularly.


Bali's Qualified Dentists And Health Professionals

Here in Bali, Indonesia, tourism facilities are outstanding. Our accommodation, lodging, and hospitality infrastructures compete with the ones we see in movies and TV shows. Dental tourists in Bali would not need to worry about getting themselves lost in the vast area of a third world country such as Indonesia. As a matter of fact, dentists in Bali have dental establishments situated in the bustling part of the metro, away from the rural part of the country. Our dental facilities are equipped with modern and state-of-the-art dental technologies that help in performing specific treatments and procedures.

Our Dentists are licensed and board-certified professionals who have confirmable qualifications and experience. They are experts in various basic and specific dental treatments and procedures.


Cost-effective Cosmetic Dental Service

How any dental procedure be ever effective if those who need it cannot afford it? While some clinics promise affordable dental procedures but are sacrificing its quality, we have come up with cost-effective procedures and treatments that not only are safe and accurate but are also reasonably priced. Contact us now to know more about our treatment packages.

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