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Bali Dental Tourism. Bali Real Hidden Gem.

Updated: May 3, 2019

Enjoy Bali Dental Tourism Experience With iDentist Bali.

Bali is a beautiful holiday location with top-notch dental clinics, qualified dentists and health professional – usually at prices considerably lower than you’d pay at home. Bali dental tourism changes your way to see Bali and holiday.

Today, Bali is not only known for the island of blue skies and big waves, but also for top quality dental services and qualified dentists. Dental tourism in Bali is a thing now, a convenient way of fulfilling high demands of quality dental treatments with local price. Compare Bali dental price with your dentist at home and benefit from it. Having dental treatments in Bali for a fraction of the price it would cost at home.

The rising demand for high-quality dental price comes along with the new awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy teeth reflect a healthy person, the more white natural teeth a person has, the healthier the person is. To get a white healthy smile you have to willing to brush your teeth twice a day. Floss your teeth after a meal, and visit your dentist twice a year for a general checkup and cleaning. That's what it takes to get quality dental health.

Now, more expats and dental tourists from all over the world have learned Bali dentists are qualified dentists and that they can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by having dental work in Bali without sacrificing on quality, than having dental work at home. Having dental treatments in Bali is very convenient.

Improving your dental health while on holiday and go home with a new celebrity smile. Or getting high-cost treatments that are too expensive at home at a much lower rate. Now it's your choice! All of these services are just one click away.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Indonesia?

Fortunately, the temperature in Bali doesn’t change much, thanks to its location right near the equator. For the most part, it stays in the high 70s °F and low 80s °F, unless you’re in the mountains, which are much cooler.

The rainiest season is between December and March with the rain usually hitting in the late afternoons and evenings. The most popular time of the year for tourists is between June and August, so you may want to avoid those months (or just book way ahead of time).

Visa Policy in Indonesia

Tourists entering Indonesia have three options:

Enter Indonesia with no visa, as long as you leave within 30 days. Buy a visa when you arrive for $35, which lasts for 35 days (extension available) If your home country requires you to travel with a visa, you’ll need to apply for one before you leave for Indonesia.

Choose Tourist Attractions

From the airport, you can take a quick Uber (or its Indonesian counterparts, Grab and Go-Jek) to your hotel or beautiful beaches, like Sanur beach. You can swim, surf, fish, windsurf, or just warm up under the sun on the sand.

You can also do other outdoorsy, active things, like hike some of Bali’s wonderful landscapes and trails, go whitewater rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, or elephant safaris. It also has plenty of cute little villages for you to explore and try authentic Balinese food and culture. Check out their ancient temples, modern mosques, and shrines, soaking in the religious history of the area.

Travel And Accommodation

When you fly into Bali, you’ll most likely be landing at the South Bali at Denpasar’s international airport.

Getting around Bali can involve Uber, or its South Asian counterparts, Grab and Go-Jek. Or you could get a good old fashioned taxi. You can also take tourist shuttles, which travel between different destinations. But you should avoid buses as the locals don’t seem to appreciate tourists riding them (that’s why they have shuttles specifically for tourists). Or, if you’d rather, you can rent a car. You don't have to worry about accommodations to iDentist, we have a shuttle service that will pick you up at your location.

Why iDentist Bali Dental Care?

  • iDentist offer fast turnaround times, calls and emails are answered within 24 hours and bookings are managed using quality-controlled procedures.

  • iDentist offers a wide range of services such as Preventive Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, and Cosmetic Dentistry.

  • Fulfilling high demands of quality dental treatments with local price.

  • Prices of dental treatments at iDentist are lower compared to your home country – which is one of the primary reasons you may be considering dental tourism to Bali

  • ​Our professional dentists constantly update itself with cutting edge dentistry trends and developments-meaning you have the most modern knowledge.

There are many reasons to entrust us as your dental treatment solution. We look forward to a long lasting relationship that delivers your white, healthy smile.

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